I can still vividly remember as a child getting the department store Christmas catalogs and flipping as fast as possible to the toy section. Seeing all of the new action figure lines lit a fire in my belly that couldn’t be put out. That fire still burns today. I have never lost the love of nor the passion for collecting action figures. Throughout this journey, I have always dreamed of starting my own toy line. With such amazing and inspiring indie toy companies, such as October Toys, Toyfinity, Onell Design, 4Horsemen Studios and Warpo Toys, redefining action figure collecting, it creates the perfect atmosphere to take the leap myself.
With that, I have started Another City Toys. I want to help usher in some really cool toys into the world that hopefully you’ll all enjoy. I have a number of ideas running the gamut of small to large that I hope to bring to life. All I need is your support to help make all of this a reality.
Support your indie toy companies and toy lines.

In addition, we are trying to be a socially conscious toy company.  With EACH and EVERY order you place, we will make a donation to one of the following charity organizations.